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Bechamel is a french sauce that you already know.  It is another building block to help you break down recipes and simplify them.  It uses 3 basic ingredients :Butter, flour, and Milk.  It can be made gluten free with your favorite gluten free flour blend or rice flour.  You might ask, “Why do I need […]

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The Reverse Sear

In the last several months I have read a lot about how to produce the perfect steak.  Most of the technique behind a good steak has to do with the The Maillard reaction.  This is the process when meat turns from pink or grey to golden brown and delicious.  A reaction happens between sugars and amino […]


Green Chile Sour Cream Enchiladas

As the fall is upon us I get excited as the season supports my love of bold and savory flavors.  I plan on make one of my classic progressive dishes Green Chile Crema  Chicken Enchiladas.  I am using chiles from one of our  gardens.  This is a recipe that I received from my mom and have updated.  I use […]